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About Us


Founded by Miriam Moore, a certified teacher and reading specialist. Her background in literacy has opened many doors and has been incredibly engaging. She has learned so much due to her freedom to become more creative as a teacher and even a mom of two.  Mrs. Moore has had great success inside of the classroom but when she became a mom she wanted to empower her own children to love reading and understand the importance of it. She mastered how to make learning fun by creating exciting and engaging learning activities for children to engage in at home. She shares some of these activities on her daughter's Instagram page @PrincessSerenitySays.  Mrs. Moore is a strong advocate for early literacy and while watching the academic success of both her son and daughter, she has been even more inspired to support programs nationally that help other young children read to succeed. At the age of 3, her daughter, Serenity, who is affectionately nicknamed “RENY” looked up at her with sincerity in her heart and said “Mom, it doesn’t matter where you live, every kid should be able to read good books like me.” This powerful statement served as an inspiration to open The RENY Shop for a much bigger purpose. It is our mission to give back to the community as much as we possibly can. The fact remains that reading can empower our young people. Ensuring that books are available to all children is a good first step in enhancing the reading achievement of low-income students.  Reading Empowers Neighborhood Youth, LLC (R.E.N.Y.) continues to expand their brand and serve as a medium to bridging the achievement and opportunity gap between students from high-income communities and their less-affluent peers. Our "bookish" apparel not only promotes and celebrates literacy in a stylish, kid-friendly way but it also supports literacy programs worldwide to help put books in the hands of children everywhere. 

The RENY Shop is not just a business, it is MINISTRY. 


Shirt Graphic Designer: Brendon Moore @BMoore2.0

Inspired By: Serenity Moore @PrincessSerenitySays

Our new book is now available for purchase. The RENY Shop is donating multiple copies to a low-income community. Stay tuned for updates!


Interested in making a donation to our ministry? No amount is too small. Your contributions will bless children in need around the world.